CF Society seeks to alleviate financialy

To offer financial assistance free of charge, by means of donated funds, to individuals with CF and similar lung diseases and their caregivers in dealing with their medicinal, nutritional, respiratory, exercise, transportation, and respite needs.

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CF Society seeks to Educate

To educate and involve people with CF and similar lung diseases and their family members in caring for their disease and their future.

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CF Society seeks to address, emotional support

To provide emotional support to individuals and their families dealing with the challenges of CF and similar lung diseases using a myriad of services and programs that infuse hope, optimism, and positive motivation.

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Since 1993


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a severe, life-threatening disease that causes devastating damage to the lungs and digestive system. Thick mucus overwhelms the lungs' airways, causing lung damage and making it increasingly hard to breathe, leading to critical lung infections. In the pancreas, mucus blocks the pathways leading to the digestive system. This disease requires extensive daily care that generally includes exorbitant use of respiratory therapies, medications, pulmonary exercise, nutritional supplements and other lifesaving treatments such as supplemental oxygen, intravenous support, hospitalizations, and pulmonary rehabilitation. At present, mean life expectancy in the United States for people with CF is approximately 42 years of age.

CF Child

To Donate To a CF Patient

If you would like the opportunity to donate and actually support a CF patient, and show that you care.