Financial Assistance

CF Society offers financial assistance free of charge, by means of donated funds, to individuals with CF and similar lung diseases and their caregivers in dealing with their medicinal, nutritional, respiratory, exercise, transportation, and respite needs.

Emotional support

CF Society provides emotional support to individuals and their families dealing with the challenges of CF and similar lung diseases using a myriad of services and programs that infuse hope, optimism, and positive motivation.


CF Society educates and involve people with CF and similar lung diseases and their family members in caring for their disease and their future.


CF families

CF Society creates supportive and exciting opportunities for CF families to bond and live life together happily and successfully.

Health and emotional functioning

Chronically and severely ill people need as normal, productive, and stable a life as is feasible.
Chronic illness impacts every single member of the family.
The health and emotional functioning of an ill individual is impacted by the well-being of his/her family.
Severe illness can, and often does, have a devastating financial impact on families.

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